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349 Maryland Ave, Washiington D.C., where the Washington Mall now exists.

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Capitol Building, Washington DC


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Mary Ann Hall was born to Elizabeth Harp and Ignatius Hall, in Washington D.C. circa 1815. Most likely the Hall family lived in the Georgetown Section.
Her father Ignatious Hall died when she was five years old.
Her brother Basil Hall became on of the wealthest men of his days, as a sea captain, and later as a food vendor in Yerba Buena Mission, California.
It later became San Francisco. Basil was one of the original settlers of
San Francisco, then returned to Virgina with his fortune, and purchased a plation in what is now the Arlington Heights section of Arlington. He named his home "Hall's Hill" and Arlington Hospital now stands where his home once did.

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Supreme Court, Washington DC


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Society Hill


Mary Ann Hall had a summer house in the rolling countryside across the Potomac River in Fairfax County, Arlington, Virginia. The house was a simple farm house with a noted spring. It wass purchesd from the brother
of her brother Basil Hall's wife Frances Harrison Hall. Originaly, it was Birch land belonging to their mother Columbia Birch Harrison.
During the Civil War, when Union Troops occupied Hall's Hill, using it as their headquarters, Basil and family moved in with his sister Mary Ann Hall
in Arlington.

Old shack during early spring

Mary Ann Hall died on Jan 29 1886, at the age of 71. There was a great dipute over her estate.
Mary Ann, never having married or had children, had only her siblings and nieces and nephews to quarrel over her fortune. Mary Ann Hall's working class brothers John, and William wanted Mary Ann's estate,
only one month after Mary Ann's death.
Everything was left to her niece Lavina Hall, a daughter of her brother Basil Hall and his wife Frances Harrison Hall, of Hall's Hill Plantation, Arlington Heights, Virginia. And her two sisters very sucessful sisters, Elizabeth and Frances Hall, that worked as prosititues in her famous brothel as well.
Niece Lavinia Hall, lived in Aunt Mary Ann's Wshington D.C. brothel for many years, and worked as a very accomplished prostitute. Later Lavinia came to manage the brothel, as her aunt aged. Lavinia also lived and worked in Manhattan, as a prositute.
The brothel exited into the 1900s, and was the most sucessful in the history of Washington D.C.

Red Rose, Growing

Mary Ann Hall's mother Elizabeth Harp Hall died in Washington D.C. in 1860. She was buried in Congressional Cemetery in the Capitol, where only members of congress were allowed to be buried. Mary Ann's highly ranked political connections form the brothel arranged for this.

Window w/lace curtains

Narrow windows of building facade

White House, Washington DC

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